A story of HERBNESS

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PureButi stands for excellence in health & wellness. We pride ourselves on offering pure herbal products which improve your overall health by bringing homeostasis in your body. Our medically-researched, 100% plant-based products support you in dealing with chronic lifestyle diseases. Our mission is enhancing health with Ayurveda.


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Rashmi Nair

8 years of experience in the Wellness Industry.

MBA from SPJIMR, Mumbai and B.Com Hons from Hindu College, University of Delhi.

Photographer / Web Designer

Rishabh Jhol

12 years of business advisory and policy advocacy experience

Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy from University of Pennsylvania and bachelor's degree from SS College of Business Studies

Written 4 novels

r & D TEAM


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Dr. Rukamani Nair

Medical Director - BNCHY

BNYS Doctor with more than 35 Years of Experience. Specialisation in Rheumatoid Arthritis & Thyroid.

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Dr. Chintamani Upadhyay

Ayurveda Dept. Head - BNCHY

BAMS Doctor with. more than 15 years of experience - specialisation in Diabetes & Hypertension.


Dr. R. M. Nair

Director - BNCHY

BNYS Doctor with more than 35 Years experience in Wellness Industry and pioneer in Naturopathy Industry.