Anu Tel or Anu Thailam is used for "Nasyam" which is a treatment method in Ayurveda for addressing diseases related to head, neck, eyes, headache etc. Indications : Anu thailam has cleansing effects in nose and eliminates excess mucous from the nasal cavity. It has anti bacterial properties also.


  • Has a positive effect on nasal allergies
  • Treats damaged nasal septum and nasal polyp.
  • Helps with sinusitis
  • Helps with migraine


Directions for Use - 


Apply Anutaila, a very effective nasal oil with the help of a cotton bud in both nostrils 2-3 times a day. This will keep the nasal passage lubricated and will entrap the fine particles present in the air and prevent them from going to the lungs. This oil has the ability to cleanse the nasal passage.



Anu Tel

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    • 1-2 tablets twice daily or as directed by your physician.
    • Store in Cool - Dry Area.
  • Net Weight - 35 Gms